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How it Works

To start, we monitor every action figure sale that occurs on eBay daily. The data that is returned is then sent through our sophisticated algorithm to not only match the sale to a specific figure in our database, but to also determine a number of other factors ie. Validity, State (Loose, New, Graded)... etc. The listings are then gathered and valued to report the current market value for any figure in our database. Along with all of this, we are also able to report the price of listings sold by way of "Best Offer" which can greatly skew the market if not taken into consideration.


Quality is our number one priority. We go to great lengths to ensure our data is both valid and accurate. While our algorithm does an excellent job, we take things to the next level by manually reviewing listings when necessary. That's right, we put real humans to work! Our algorithm has a built in outlier detector which will flag administrators if a listing appears to be correct, but needs an extra set of eyes to confirm its validity. Along with this built in protection, we have also implemented a flagging system so that our users can help alert us if a listing slips through the cracks. While this does not occur often, it is just another step that we have taken to ensure our data is of the highest quality.


To maintain accurate action figure values, we follow a stringent set of guidelines. Below are a few examples of those guidelines.

  • When more than one figure is included in a listing, the entire listing is disregarded.
  • All loose listings must include the weapons and accessories that were originally included in its packaging. Otherwise, the listing is disregarded.
  • We take into account shipping costs when calculating the price of a listing. This includes free shipping and excessive shipping costs.
  • We report the "Best Offer" price for listings sold in this manner.